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FWNUA is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.  Because FWNUA is so compatible you can be sure that every single user will be tracked!  Now written in ANSI C, it uses the Windows API to gather it's data from host computers on your Windows Domain.

FWNUA has a powerful Perl based web interface that allows you to easily make use of the data collected by FWNUA.  Its web interface allows you to quickly find out important administrative information about your Windows network. All data collected is stored in CSV format for easy integration with 3rd party tools such as MS Excel, MS Access, Oracle, Crystal Reports, and SQL.

Once ran by the domain login script, FWNUA will gather the user's current IP address, workstation, computer name, and exact time of logon and/or logoff.  With FWNUA's web interface you can determine any of the following crucial administrative information:

  • Users current whereabouts (as of last login or logoff)
  • A current and active list of all computers a user has ever logged into
  • Search for an IP address and see who is currently logged onto the PC holding it
  • Know who has been logging into PC's they shouldn't be
  • Maintain an active list of all IP addresses a computer has ever received from DHCP (this can be helpful in determining policy violations)
  • Find out if someone logged in where and when they say they did (helpful in management disputes, also an HR asset)
  • Search for a specific time or date a user logged in or out
  • A VNC link has been integrated into the web interface for your convenience
  • Columns are removeable, so you can hide information you don't want to see

FWNUA fills in the gap between keeping a standard Windows computer naming convention and keeping the conventions simple.

  • Ex. Name your computers the Dell Service Tag or Express Service Code
  • Ex. Automatically generate random computer names upon install to save time
  • Ex. Use FWNUA to help organize an already unorganized naming conventions

With FWNUA Helpdesk staff can easily locate users, IP, hostname information and service HR and Administration request more efficiantly.

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